Timberline's Sheza Lady Bug

Lady Bug is a standard red merle AKC Australian Shepherd.
Standard Australian Shepherd
Red Merle
Date of Birth 1/28/2013
Natural bob/Docked tail
Height 22 inches
Weight 36 pounds
Lady Bug is as sweet a dog you will ever meet. She likes to sit in the recliner with us and then drop her head and just melt into your chest. We think it is her way of giving you a hug. But, she can turn into a pretty convincing guard dog really quick if she thinks we are threatened in any way. She loves long walks and playing ball. She kennels well but she prefers sleeping on the bed with you.

Lady Bug is retired as a breeding dog and has been spayed. She has a retirement home where she doesn't have to compete with so many others for lap and couch time. She loves to go on long walks and even play ball. She gets to sleep on the bed and goes everywhere they can take her. I couldn't be happier for her even though I still shed a tear or two when I think about her. She was loved here and is now loved at her new home. 

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 Lady Bug's Photo Album
 Lady Bug is a standard red merle AKC Australian Shepherd.
Lady Bug is a standard red merle AKC Australian Shepherd. 
 Lady Bug is always happy. She is such a good natured dog.
Lady Bug is always happy. She loves to learn new things if it involves treats.  
 Lady Bug shown running.
Lady Bug loves to try new things. 
As a puppy she loved playing in the mud. Thankfully she seems to have outgrown that.
Bugs titles and testing
 Lady's Bug AKC Registration
Lady Bug is also registered with American Stock Dog Registry.
Lady Bug is registered with International Herding Dog Association as well.
Bug's OFA score was excellent.
 Timberlines Sheza Lady Bug pedigree from Verified Dog Pedigrees.
Lady Bug is an HC carrier. We know this from her offspring. So she was retired early and placed as a pet with a family that just loves her beyond what I could have imagined. This gal has it made.