Show Leads


Show Leads by Jess


First impression is everything! Our dog show leads are made to truly complement your beautiful show dogs. Whether you are an owner handler or professional handler you know the importance of having the right show lead for each dog in your show string.

Hand crafted, hand sewn parachute cord show "Leads by Jess" are very strong. Because of the care in constuction and use of heavy thread they will suit most show dog breeds. Each lead can be custom made to the right length for you. You have the choice of a slip lead or a snap.   

The following pictures are just examples of the many combinations that are possible. Our leads start at $25.00 and may vary depending on customization. Shipping and handling depends on your location and the number of leads per order.

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Show leads by Jess - this black and white combination is a very classic look.
Beautiful green beads compliment the white cord on this show leash.
This show lead features variegated cord with multi-color beads.
We can customize to your school colors.
Pretty in pink with flowered beads.
Orange and white show lead.
This lead features pretty blue beads with brown paracord.
This is an example of how the slip type leads are made.

Tugs For Sale

Tugging is a great energy outlet and a way for our dogs to learn impulse control. The small tug is about 12 inches from knot to knot and the large tug is about 24 inch from knot to knot. The tugs are made of high quality fleece material that is machine wash and dryable. These tugs are soft and flexible, perfect for puppies or dogs just learning to tug. We use these tugs to develop prey (play) drive in our puppies. We like them for training with our sporting dogs, as they are easy to stuff in a pocket as a special toy.
tugs for your dog
This tug is made to save your hands when playing with those aggressive tuggers.
This tug is made to save your hands when playing with those aggressive tuggers. 
Your choice of colors $8.00 each