Sheza Fancy Roo


In May of 2015 Sheza Fancy Roo TG1, TBAD, "Thelma" competed at her first agility trial and come home with 2 titles. We are so proud of this little gal's accomplishments. Not only has she been a success at everything we have asked of her she has produced some amazing off spring for us. You will see her influence in the world of dog sports for many years to come.


When it came time to retire she found a human that works from home for the most part and she gets to be with him most of the time. She has been reported to be a nosey neighbor peeking out the front window to check out every little sound. She gets to go hiking and on vacations. I would say she is doing well in her retirement.


Thelma's second agility trial.


Sheza Fancy Roo known as Thelma,a blue merle Toy Aussie with her first of what we are sure will be many agility titles


Sire:  CH-CHPC Heza Blue Eyed Rascal, TBAD

Dam:   CH Zoie Roo
Height:  13.5 inches
Wieght:  16 pounds
Registered: ASDR and APRI

Sheza Fancy Roo - "Thelma" in the summer of 2012.

This is a very athletic and fast dog. She is very intelligent and learns very quickly. We look forward to getting to the point we can attempt to learn agility together. 




Themla's sire - CH PC Heza Blue Eyed Rascal


Thelma's Sire

CH PC Heza Blue Eyed Rascal, TBAD
Date of Birth: Feburary 28, 2007
Color: Red Merle Toy Aussie
Sire: CH, CHPC, CH 2, Heza Hoot (blue merle)
Dam: Burke's Funny Fanny (red tri)
Weight: 15 pounds
Height: 13 inches tall
Registered: APRI and ASDR


Thelma's dam - Dimicks CH PC Zoie Roo

Thelma's Dam

CHPC Dimicks Zoie Roo "Zoie"
Birthdate:   Date of Birth: March 18, 2005
Date of Death: February 22, 2013
Sire:          Whishing Well Miller High Life (Blue Merle)
Dam:         Wishing Well Sophia (Black Tri)
Weight:      20 pounds
Height:      13 inches
Color:        Black Tri female
Registered: APRI