Registries Shade Tree Aussies Uses


Red Merle Toy Aussie - just taking a nap.We are currently using the following 2 registries. Most people are buying a pet and do not really care about the papers. Everyone should register their new baby with one or the other of these registries. Registration papers provide you with proof of ownership much like the title to your car. If you are going to show your baby you will need to register him or her. If you are wanting to show as pet, APRI will allow you to show a spayed or neutered dog for conformation. If you want to compete in herding or agility, ASDR is the place to get started, though they offer conformation as well. 


American Stock Dog Registry, commonly know as ASDR

The American Stock Dog Registry was created to provide an alternative registry program for all sizes of Australian Shepherds. Our mission is to preserve the old established pedigrees that are so important in the establishment of the Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherds. We are dedicated to the breed standard.


America's Pet Registry, Inc., commonly know as APRI

APRI is an internationally recognized association of responsible pet owners, breeders, distributors, veterinarians, retailers, pet product manufacturers, and other concerned parties dedicated to the humane care of animals, the preservation of quality bloodlines, and the individual's right of pet ownership. As such, all share a deep commitment to our animal wards.


Why we use APRI?

America's Pet Registry offers the pet professional a credible alternative. Also, many of the alternative registry services will issue registration papers on almost any animal regardless of the authenticity of its ancestry or the validity of previous registration or pedigree. To survive, the professional pet industry must be credible; to be credible, the industry must depend on a credible registration service. America's Pet Registry, Inc. is above reproach in documentation and record keeping.


APRI was founded by the professional pet industry and pet owners and is dedicated to the preservation of the individual's right to own and breed pets. Funds from the APRI registry are dedicated to furthering the interests of pet owners and the entire pet industry. No other registry service can make these claims, nor would any other want to do so.