Heza Blue Eyed Rascal



2016 was a great year for Shade Tree Aussies in the show ring. We chose to do all ASDR shows this last year and compete in the Top Dog program. Rascal is the sire of the dog that finished number 1 and the dog that finished number 3 and the grand sire of the dog that finished seventh. Rascal and his sire Hoot, have a been an important part of our program for many years. Rascal is 9 this year so if your looking for a Rascal puppy don't wait to long.

Rascal is our little lover around here and never knows a stranger. Just open your arms up and he is on your lap in a flash, ready to give out kisses. He has the sweetest of personalities, gazing at you as if he is telling you the most magnificent story. Trust me-you don't want to miss one of Rascal's stories.

Rascal has proven to produce some great looking litters, but he chooses to leave the caring for part to Momma-that little Rascal!

CHPC, CH Heza Blue Eyed Rascal TBAD, TG1
Date of Birth: Feburary 28, 2007
Color: Red Merle Toy Aussie
Sire: Heza Hoot
Dam: Burke's Funny Fanny
Weight: 15 pounds
Height: 13 inches tall
Registered: APRI and ASDR
Agility Titles earned at eight years old. 

Red Merle Male Toy Aussie - Heza Blue Eyed Rascal

 This is a rare picture, as it is hard to get him to hold still. Rascal is our lovable clown.

Ch, CHPC, CH Heza Blue Eyed Rascal, TBAD, TG1 - smiling for the camera

Just look at the eyes on this handsome little Rascal. And what about the coloring and markings on him-outstanding. Rascal is a very handsome Red Merle with the blue eyes that will hypnotize you in an instant. His markings are outstanding with the copper highlights that just pop out at you.

CHCP, CH Heza Blue Eyed Rascal, TBAD, TG1 with his Games 1 agility title ribbon.

Rascal started his agility career at 8 years old. Jessica took him on as a training project and in one short season the managed two titles.

Once again proving he can do it all.

Rascal - Waiting for the judge to place us at the spring ASDR show 2012

Rascal earning his first ASDR conformation title.

Rascal in the Best of Show line up at an APRI show fall of 2011

Rascal in the Best of Show line up at an APRI show fall of 2011. He was so busy trying to
talk to the lady next to us I couldn't get him to square up and stand still.


Rascal at one year old.

Such a hard life for a puppy.



Rascal's Sire - CH PC Heza Hoot

Rascal's Sire
CH PC Heza Hoot

Date of Birth: 4/14/2006
Sire: Rushing's Indian Outlaw
Dam: Rushing's Susie May
Height: 14 inches
Wieght: 16 pounds
Color: Blue Merle
Registered:  ASDR and APRI


Rascal's Dam - Burkes Funny Fanny

Rascal's Dam

Burke's Funny Fanny

Date of Birth: 6/47/2002
Sire: Waggin Tail Tiny Blue Jerry
Dam: Pruitt's Tiny Black Sammy
Color: Red Tri
Registered:  APRI and NSDR