Carousel's Heza Hot Shot @ Shade Tree Aussies

 Hot Rod, a blue merle Toy Australian Shepherd male.


Toy Australian Shepherd
Blue Merle Male
Date of Birth 3/25/2019
1 Blue eye, I Brown Eye
Docked tail

Testing: CEA, DM, HC, PRA, MDR1 carrier
Tiles: ASDR Level 1 Champion
Hot Shot's Photo Album
 Hot Shot is barely a year old in these pictures.
 Hot Shot is a yearling Toy Australian Shepherd male.
 Hot Shot is a yearling Toy Australian Shepherd male.
 Hot Rod taking 3rd in the herding group of puppies at 6 months old.
 Hot Shot enjoys a nice nap in between playing fighting bouts with Mary Ann.
 Hot Shot at his first show. He took it all in stride.
 Hot Shot shown at 8 weeks old.
 Hotty helping drive home.
 8 week old Hotty learning about his new home.
Hot Shot's titles and tests
 Hot Shot's ASDR Registration.
 Hot Shot's CEA testing
Hot Shot's DM testing 
Hot Shot's HC testing
Hot Shot's MDR1 testing
Hot Shot's PRA testing
Hot Shot's sires testing
Hot Shot's dams testing