Retired Dogs


This page is provided for those clients that have decedents of these dogs. If you need a pedigree or registration numbers for any of these dogs we will be glad to help you. Please use the contact form


Heza Hoot - a blue merle male, small Mini Aussie
CH PC Heza Hoot TBAD
Date of Birth: April 14, 2006
Color:           Blue Merle Mini Aussie
Sire:             Rushing's Indian Outlaw
Dam:            Rushing's Susie May
Weight:         16 pounds 
Height:         14 inches tall
Registered:   APRI and ASDR
Hip score: Excellent
Hoot is such a character, and simply a hoot to be around! He is very outgoing and loves everybody. Hoot loves to play ball, Frisbee and tug. He is learning agility with a friend of ours here at home. Everywhere Hoot has shown, he has done well.
Hoot was an outstanding stud dog, producing some awesome working and sport dogs. He has a daughter that is currently pushing the Border Collies times in agility, another that is smoking the fly ball tracks. We finally neutered him, as our main sire is one of his son's, Heza Blue Eyed Rascal. Hoot still lives with us and now has a human girlfriend that he watches out the window for his weekend visits.
As of May 2015, Hoot and his human girlfriend Lilly earned a Toy Dog Aiglity Title. The first of many I am sure. For pictures and more information please see Hoot's page Heza Hoot
CH Heza Deuce 2 U - a black bi male Mini Aussie
CH Heza Deuce 2 U
Date of Birth: December 25, 2008
Color:           Black Bi Miniature Aussie
Sire:             Circle K Farms Cowboys Rim Fire
Dam:            CH Circle K Farms Cowgirls Angel
Height:         16 inches
Weight:        30 pounds
Registered:   APRI
Deuce is a full collared Black Bi Mini Aussie (black and white in color with no copper markings).
Deuce is a very sweet boy that well fits into the mild tempered category. One of Deuce's favorite things is enjoying time in his own pool - he would trade anything for that. He is one who does not demand attention, but patiently waits for you to give it to him. He is generous with his affection and a treasure to be around.
Sheza Visa Baby - a black tri Miniature Australian Shepherd

Sheza Visa Baby

Date of Birth: May 5, 2008

Black Tri Mini Aussie
Sire: SQ Beau Joe
Dam: Hersheys Red Lollipop
Weight 22 pounds, 14 inches tall

Hip score: Excellent


Visa is a full collared black tri. She is mild tempered personality for the most part. Very sweet, calm and easy to work with dog, but she is very protective. This is a pretty moving dog with lots of reach and drive. She is a heavy bodied dog with a moderate coat. She is a mis-mark, with white over one eye. Because of that white she can not be shown in a bench type show but she is eligible to agility, herding or tracking.


Visa is now living happliy with a good friend in the Bristow Oklahoma area.


Timberline's Miss Kibby as a 4 year old.

CH-CHPC Timberlines Miss Kibby
Date of Birth: June 10, 2008
Color:            Black Tri
Sire:              Timberline Just Call Me EZ (Red Merle)

Dam:             Timberline Blue Eyed Treasure (Black Tri)
Height:          15 inches
Weight:          30 pounds
Hip score: Excellent

Kibby is an ASDR Champion and an APRI Prominent Champion. She is the dam of Kaufman My Boy Wrangler. You will find him on the Our Adults page


She really did well in the show ring and seemed to think she was right at home there. This girl is without a doubt the prettiest Aussie I have ever seen, much less had the chance to own. She is silly and a hoarder, but so serious about babies. You had to watch her, as she would steal others babies in a heart beat. You couldn't ask for a better Momma dog. 

Kibby has been spayed as of November 28, 2012. She has gone to live with Marissa in Indiana.


CH PC Magpie "Maggie" a black tri Toy Aussie
CH PC Magpie
Date of Birth: April 19, 2006 
Color:           Black Tri
Sire:             Reid's Blue Eyed Cody
Dam:            Barbee's Kasey
Weight:        19 pounds
Height:         13 inches
Registered:   APRI
Hip score: Good
Maggie has earned her APRI Champion and Prominent Champion title. She has been retired and spayed.
Maggie has a gorgeous coat of hair, with the black being so rich, the white so white, and her copper just jumps out at you. She is a devoted and loving girl who is my constant shadow.
Maggie is without a doubt my favorite. She is a very aggressive working dog and is always willing to play ball, yet is content just hanging out with you most of the time. Maggie certainly falls into the strong personality category.
All That Jazz - a Mini Aussie blue merle female.
All That Jazz
Date of Birth: January 7, 2005 
Color:           Blue Merle
Sire:             Reid's Blue Eyed Cody
Dam:            Reid's Merry Maiden
Weight:        22 pounds
Height:         14 inches
Registered:   APRI
Hip score: Excellent
Jazz has retired and has been spayed. Her duties around here are to teach the puppies good doggie manners, as any good Grandma would do. We still list her for your reference, as she is the Dam of Little Bit and Marie.
Jazz is a very smart girl. She knows more tricks to get treats than any dog I know. Jazz has such a sweet and loving disposition about her, and she is very patient with the puppies as they learn from her how a well behaved dog should act. She is a working fool and never runs out of energy. Her puppies are making great family dogs and even an agility dog that is just getting started. Yes, she does have prick ears, however, most of her puppies don't. Those that do can be corrected with a little effort as pups.
Dimick's Zoie Roo - a black tri Toy Australian Shepherd.


Date of Birth:   March 18, 2005
Date of Death: February 22, 2013

Color:             Black Tri
Sire:               Wishing Well Miller High Life
Dam:              Wishing Well Sophia
Weight:           24 pounds
Height:           13 1/2 inches tall.

Hip score: Good


Zoie earned her APRI Champion Title, then retired to live with a loving couple who spoiled her beyond belief. Zoie was a lucky girl who lived out her days in the Phoenix area with people who loved her more than you can imagine.


Zoie, or Roo Roo as we often called her, was our couch potato. She loved to lay next to you while watching TV. She was a joy to train and work with, and would do tricks for treats. She also herded small animals, played in the pool, and was a perfect lap buddy for those who like a less active dog. Her puppies are more loving and mild tempered; however, she was a real talker and passed that trait to her puppies. With Zoie's love came what we called a "Roo Hug." They are were special! She will be missed by two families forever. What a special little dog she was. 


Sheza Blue Eyed Donna - a blue merle Toy Aussie.

Date of Birth: December 1, 2007
Color:           Blue Merle
Sire:             CH PC Heza Hoot Hoot
Dam:            CH PC Magpie
Weight:         15 pounds
Height:         13 inches tall

Hip score: Excellent


Sheza Blue Eyed Donna has those hypnotizing blue eyes and the most incredible markings. The copper on this girl is so rich and highly compliments her markings.


Donna is a very sweet and loving girl. She would be considered in the mild personality category. She really likes to play. She is not much on working the goats but loves to cuddle on the couch.


Donna has gone to live with a family in the Dakotas and is doing quite well.